The Duke of Wellington is a glittering figure of England’s historic landscape – and the arch that bears his name is an equally iconic landmark of London. With its feet planted in Hyde Park Corner and its top crowned with Europe’s largest bronze sculpture, Wellington Arch is a venue that offers a charismatic and versatile mix of old and new.

Guests can enjoy a unique opportunity to imagine 19th-century London as it celebrated victory at the Battle of Waterloo, while at the same time taking in the striking modern architecture that punctuates the capital’s skyline and the buzz of the city that fans out below. With rooms across three floors and open air rooftop balconies there are plenty of options to create a space to match any occasion and time of day.

Guests love discovering the story of the arch – enjoying a venue that was once both the entrance to London for horse-drawn carriages and subsequently the capital’s smallest police station. Seeing the mounted Horse Guards passing underneath for the Changing of the Guard is a real highlight. Hyde Park Corner tube station and Victoria station are just a short distance. It’s also an ideal vantage point for views over the city. Watch as the lights come on to dress London’s landmarks for the night. From floodlit Buckingham Palace just beside you, to the circling lights of the London Eye.

  • Central London