Not just an incredible weddings and events venue, No.4 Hamilton Place is steeped in history and home to the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

We loved becoming part of the team at No.4 back in January, and have learnt so much about the fascinating story behind this elegant Mayfair townhouse and its intriguing owners…

No.4 Hamilton Place
Having previously been the residence of the Duke of Wellington, amongst other notable figures, No.4 Hamilton Place became the new RAeS headquarters in 1938.

The Argyll Room
The jewel in the crown at No.4, this elegant space takes its name from His Grace The Duke of Argyll, one of the key founding members of the RAeS.

The Royal Aeronautical Society
Established in 1866 to further the art, science and engineering of aeronautics, the RAeS remains at the forefront of the industry, hosting a variety of events and conferences throughout the year.

The Society now boasts around 25,000 members and is the world’s only professional body dedicated to the entire aerospace community.

Its diverse membership is drawn from the fields of engineering, design, aircrew and air traffic control, alongside sectors supporting the aerospace/aviation industries, such as law, finance, recruitment and marketing.

The future
As we embrace the 4th industrial revolution, the RAeS takes a progressive approach – discussing future challenges and opportunities with members – luminaries in their fields.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and electric propulsion are bringing unimagined advances in aerospace.

Quantum clocks, which have an accuracy of one second in 10 billion years, will replace forever the faithful stopwatch (with an accuracy of one second per month) belonging to aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright.

As our increasingly busy cities become gridlocked with traffic, eyes are turning skyward to ease congestion, and the accessibility of space travel is opening out – we are on the brink of commercial passenger flights.

RAeS role in future developments
The Society will continue be called upon to share its expertise and evidence-based insight as humanity continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The RAeS has a pivotal role in supporting the continuous professional development of the industry it serves with an exciting programme of conferences and open lectures, not to mention its tireless efforts with STEM subjects in schools – helping to spark the imagination and enthusiasm of future generations to come.

More information
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