Blog February 2019

Stylish Spring / Summer party menus for 2019

Our Spring / Summer party menus for 2019 are bursting with flavour and inventive twists that will keep guests engaged until the very last morsel has been savoured. Our phenomenal Development Chef, Euan Peach, has selected just a few highlights to share below…

Fish & seafood canapés 
Full of freshness, our Scallop ceviche with strawberry and tomato sauce vierge (pictured above) has an Italian feel – in line with a scallop crudo – with its sunny combination of heritage tomatoes, Mara de Bois strawberries, white balsamic and basil.

Inspired by South American cuisine and in keeping with hot 2019 food trends, our Monkfish, sweet potato ketchup, acacia honey vinegar and cayenne canapé showcases tender monkfish which has been lightly cured and chargrilled.

For flavours from a bit closer to home, we have Whipped cod mousse, keta caviar, crackling and beetroot ketchup which brings together light creamy cod, salty keta caviar, earthy beetroot and a crispy texture thanks to the cod skin crackling.

Offering a touch of nostalgia for guilty pleasure seekers, we have ‘The Hawaiian’ – Chargrilled sourdough, bellota ham, pickled pineapple, basil and candied tomato – a luxurious take on this popular pizza, featuring rich Spanish ham and smoked candied tomatoes. Or we have ‘The Coronation Chicken’ – Curried chicken sphere, pickled raisins, apple and coriander salad, charcoal croute, featuring lightly spiced Goosnargh chicken.

Full of French sophistication, Almond tuille, foie gras terrine, sauternes pate de fruit and passion fruit caramel combines rich foie gras ganache and crunchy almond biscuits, topped with tart passion fruit caramel and pineapple sage.

Full of visual drama – the perfect Summer party canapé – Compressed melon, smoked oil, mint and chilli features watermelon compressed with mint, chilli and smoked cold-pressed rapeseed oil stock – a process which forces the flavours into the melon at a molecular level. The fruit is perfectly matched with basil, yuzu and mint purée, lime zest, smoked salt and a mini mint leaf.

An ice cream, but not as you know it! Parmesan cone with burrata ice cream, tomato and strawberry jam, basil purée comprises a savoury ‘Anglaise’ which is fast-frozen using liquid nitrogen. Toppings include smoked candied tomatoes, Mara de Bois strawberry jam and micro basil.

Sweet treats
Summer party menus are not complete without a few delectable desserts… Yuzu iced parfait, macadamia shortbread and fresh lime is a zesty canapé perfect for hot Summer nights – the citrus notes cutting through the richness of macadamia biscuit, topped with a light crunch from the freeze-dried yuzu.

Lemon meringue pie meets baked Alaska with an added citrus punch with our light-hearted creation, Calamansi lime baked Alaska.

These dreamy canapés are White peach and coconut marshmallows – white peach mousse and lychee mouse dipped in white chocolate and hand-painted/textured to resemble a miniature peach, finished with a chocolate stalk and lemon balm leaf.

More details
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